ALPS Playlists


Don’t Fight It, Feel It!

A 1961 Sam Cooke hit and a golf mantra of ours, “Don’t Fight It, Feel It” is all about that funky soul vibe. If you dig hard-ass horn sections, you’ll get along just fine here.




Tour Balata * 100

Just. Feels. Right. Most of this mix is made up of the hip-hop music that first turned us on to hip-hop music. The stuff that made us turn up the volume and roll the car windows down in the winter. We’re not as cool as we used to be back then, but these tracks still bang.

Missing on this playlist are Lill-Wayne mix-tape selections and Jay-Z’s black album hits. We love Spotify but it’s not without its limitations…



“Indie” Music?

Back in the day, liking indie music meant listening to Radiohead and Arcade Fire. Now-a-days people be like, “I’m only into post modern suburban synth pop…” Jokes aside, the more exposure to niche sounds the better in our books. This is a playlist of some of the more “independent” songs we’re getting into lately.