ALPS creates products for people who are passionate about golf, style, and design.

We believe in balance. The balance between the mastery of the mechanical and the appreciation of the emotional. We’re as inspired by technical innovation as we are by natural beauty and we’re excited to look at golf style through a new lens.

Alps Line Drawings-04.png


Alex + Matt. We met on a college golf team. One day, in a car driving to a golf course, we started talking about a new type of golf company.



To build a balanced golf brand—a brand that challenges golf’s image of modernity and its interpretation of tradition. A brand that speaks to style as personal expression, not as equipment. To us, balance is the current that runs through elegant design, and is why we love the game of golf as much as we do.

Simply put, ALPS is a vehicle—a vehicle to communicate ideas on style through our lens as golfers.

We’re starting small (like only three 5-panel hats, small) and we aim to build with balance from here on out.



We think the alps hole design, with its blind approach shot into a guarded green is a fitting metaphor for our new project. We can’t see exactly what’s over the hill in front of us, but we’re pretty sure a good line and a confident pass will put us someplace we’re proud of—no matter where that might be.